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This week’s links:

5 Ways to Freshen Your Email List  |

Your email-marketing program depends on a quality list. It’s easy for a list to stagnate over time. An email database that is left alone, without refreshing, combined with an email marketing program that is not stimulating…

Measuring Social Media’s Impact on Revenue |

You can explore the impact of social media on your site’s revenue using data that is already available to you. None of this data is perfect, and none of it is comprehensive. But when used together, the data can inform how and…

More shoppers go online to buy a gift for dad  |

The percentage of consumers shopping online for Father’s Day will increase this year, a report says, and many of those shoppers will rely on smartphones and tablets to research purchases. Free shipping, meanwhile, will draw…

Facebook Exchange: A New Way For Advertisers To Target Specific Users… |

Facebook is testing and will soon launch Facebook Exchange, a real-time bidding ad system where visitors to third-party websites are marked with a cookie, and can then be shown real-time bid ads related to their web browsing.

Online Advertising Revenue Sets Record High in First Quarter |

U.S. online advertising brought in $8.4 billion over the first three months of the year, the best first quarter the industry has recorded to date. According to a joint report from the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) and…

Retargeting; A Internet Marketing Tactic to Increase Conversions… |

For lead generation, conversion optimization, and lead nurturing strategies, retargeting may be the overlooked child, but there’s no question it can be very effective and an efficient tactic to bring prospects back to your website or content.


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