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This week’s links:

8 Easy Ways to Increase Sales

Selling more doesn’t mean selling harder. It means selling smarter. Here’s how. Every company wants to increase sales. Unfortunately, many people wrongly believe that selling more always entails working longer hours.


Google Analytics: 3 Tests to Ensure Your Checkout Process Is Working

There’s a reason that an ecommerce site’s checkout process is one of the most popular analytics topics. Once a person initiates a checkout, she has self-identified herself as a visitor with a high intent to purchase. Chances…


How to Tell if Your Ad Is Terrible

Are you worried that your ad – the one you have been working so hard on and is about to go up onto the Internet where everyone can see it – might just be… horrible? There’s still hope.

More mobile shoppers are starting their trips at affiliate sites

Internet Retailer – Technology/Mobile Commerce – More mobile shoppers are starting their trips at affiliate…


5 Hot Ecommerce Trends to Watch

The Evolution of Ecommerce Series is presented by Litle & Co., the payment processing and intelligence platform that drives more efficient and profitable relationships between consumers and the digital brands they’ve come to…


And a bonus for this week…

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