Facebook has undergone a complete make-over in recent days. The Timeline has redesigned Facebook by giving it a heavy photo appeal. Though the reports about the Timeline’s influence on brand advertising are conflicting, they certainly stress a statement that can’t be ignored: social network marketing is here to stay. Following are some of the marketing trends that have been ushered in.

Larger photos

As consumers prefer visual appeal, a higher emphasis is laid on photos. The performance of brands is measured by an analytic firm called Simply Measured. The firm has noted a 65% jump in the consumers’ interest for videos and photos posted by brands after the advent of the Timeline. A decline of interest was also noticed towards status updates without photos.

SimplyMeasured had based their analysis on 15 brands, so it gave an idea on a small scale. A representative of Facebook however confirmed that posting videos and photos has radically improved response in terms of comment, likes and shares. Adam Schoenfeld, SimplyMeasured’s CEO, says that representing content creatively can be really powerful.

Keeping with the trend, Sprinkles Cupcakes, a renowned cup cake bakery, makes it a point to post pictures regularly on its FB page. The marketing head of Sprinkles Cupcakes, Nicole Schwartz asserts that user-action prompting features like submitting photos to a photo contest receive a whooping number of likes, comments and shares.

Asking questions

Conventionally, advertising models were built such that a campaign was first released and then the results were examined to analyze the success of the advertisement. Now, FB has a user-engagement metric system that immediately gives you the result of your campaign.

For example, TurboTax, a firm for tax preparation, saw questions posted about tax filing concerns. The posts received an overwhelming response from people, prompting TurboTax to advertise via FB to have a greater reach to the public.

The Timeline photo

Having a large picture placed as your Timeline cover photo is a sure way to get you noticed. It acts as a banner that conveys the vision of the brand. Some brands use the space to increase the number of posts. For example, Tide, a reputed detergent company, showcased a massive status update by urging its fans to answer a question that popped up on click of the image.

Expressing gratitude

In the previous trend of Social Media, fans were singled out and lavished with praise. A major part of the other fans were left disinterested with all that fuss. So, some marketers prefer a creative thank you that acknowledges the entire fan fraternity.


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