Almost $4 billion dollars are being spent on mobile advertising, all across the world. Some of the significant factors that shape its destiny are listed below:

Focus on Behavioral aspects

Conventionally, ads have been targeted towards demographic context or a device. But this trend is changing, and ads are now being focused more on an individual’s location and behavior. Targeting based on behavior, promises higher returns because by tracing the right users for advertising, the money spent on it is more effectively spent.

The approach is good for the users too, as they are generally bombarded with irrelevant advertisements prompting them to “zone” out advertisements.

Analytic tools enhanced

At present, evaluation systems for mobile advertising campaigns are not all that accurate. Stringent guidelines are laid down by the Interactive Advertising Bureau and the Mobile Marketing Association, but the rules are not interpreted in the same way by everyone. In about 5 years time the rules would have evolved into unanimously accepted standards. In turn, this would radically improve the effectiveness of the mobile advertising campaigns.

Mobiles as search devices

Most of the money made by Google in the mobile industry is sourced from advertisements for mobile searches. The growing trend of using mobiles for finding services and products is not expected to wane. What might change though is the capacity of the search engines to provide more accurate search results based on location and keywords

Higher interaction

An interactive advertisement is more appealing to your eye as compared to an advertisement in a plain text format. Rich media advertisements are not deployed much because they are platform-specific and far more expensive. Eventually, interactive advertisements would gain prominence and users can be collapsing, expanding and playing around with them in interesting ways. It offers a good scope for creative minds to unleash their potential.

Social networking

Services like Gowalla and Foursquare have already brought together the social and mobile realms. It is predicted that it will soon evolve into a cloud of personal data that would be associated with you whenever you wish to transact. You can also share your data with others. It makes it easier for advertisers to make offers relevant to you, yet bearing in mind your right to privacy.

As of now, the mobile advertising is dominated by giants like Apple, Google and Millennial Media. Some of them will probably continue to rule, while the rest are likely to be taken over by competitors.


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