As eMarketer reported earlier in the month mothers are one of larger user groups online and are among the most internet savvy.  In the US alone approximately 34 million moms are online per month, as reported by eMarketer, and they are influencing those purchase decisions.

So how can ecommerce sites understand how to gear their offerings towards mothers who not only by for themselves, but also their children.

Before making a purchasing decision moms will use general websites, referrals from friends and family, search engines and mobile web browsing as the top four resources for product information. Your product has to be where the consumer is searching.


Tips for targeting tech savvy mothers:

1.    Ecommerce sites should be offering all available information per product and where the consumer can find additional information, possibly third party information, on lines of products you carry.
2.    Utilize search engine marketing with an emphasis on the shopper. You can create specific campaigns just targeting women between the ages of 24 to 35 for example.
3.    Once a purchase is complete get the consumer to fill out a review of the product a few weeks later or their experience shopping on your site.

So what sites need to pay attention to the increasing role of tech savvy mothers online? The top three categories for which moms research are clothing, food/cooking and baby/parenting, however the next three categories are banking services, electronics and travel. Gearing websites and advertisements towards mothers within these categories will require companies to make sure the site is user friendly towards various potential shoppers.


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