This easy to use up-sale strategy is providing your consumer with promotional coupons while they receive their confirmation email. You’re giving up gross margin, but you’re not taking that dollar out of your wallet.

Coupon promotion advantages:

Instead of spending marketing dollars you only pay out if your customer redeems the coupon. So open up another avenue and offer the budget back to your existing clients to use for themselves or pass it on to friends and family.

How coupon promotions work:

  1. Consumer makes a purchase for a product (e.g. Canon camera).
  2. Consumer receives a confirmation email from your ecommerce site.
  3. Within the confirmation email, offer shopping coupons (i.e. 15% off / $10 discount) for purchases within your online shop.
  4. Put time limits on your e-mail coupon offers so customers will print them out (or click on them) and use them right away.
  5. Consumer can either use the coupons for themselves or pass on the coupons easily to family members or friends via email.

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