Fluctuation of opening rates for promotional emails are enormous: The best mailing generated an opening rate of 92%, the worst just 4%. The average was 34%.

So when should you send your email promotion and what can do to make sure it gets read:

Email sending time & season:

  1. The best sending date is Monday evening, compared with the worst time, Thursday afternoon.
  2. For the daytime in general, the marginal time of the day will lead to significantly higher opening rates.
  3. There are seasonal variations: mailings towards the end of year (November and December) are much less likely to be opened compared to the beginning of the year (January, February). Generally in the months with fewer email marketing activities (for example: summer months) high rates are achieved.

Email subject line:

  1. There is a clear and high correlation between the length of a subject line and the opening rate of the business emails: The shorter the subject line, the higher the opening rate.
  2. Factual subject lines have a significantly (+28%) higher chance to be opened, compared to promotional subject lines.
  3. Personalized subject lines achieve a 64% higher rate than un-personalized subject lines.

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