eCommerce gains importance when clients visit business pages on social media networks. Businesses have realized that social media offers a perfect platform to popularize their services and products. Here are a few hints to incorporate social media in your routine ecommerce activities.

Strategies to incorporate social media into ecommerce activities


 1. Creation of an innovative social media store

Irrespective of your business domain, it is suggested that you design an innovative and interactive store on a social media network such as Facebook. Ensure that the store is simple and user-friendly.

In this way your services and products are showcased prompting many visitor to ‘share’ or ’like’ them. Being the proprietor, it is necessary that you periodically go through the responses of your clients or audiences and improve your products/services.

2. Interactive wall posts

Apart from promoting your product, wall posts serve as opportunities for interactive eCommerce. You can introduce your latest products on a daily basis using small, interactive applications on your wall posts. By doing so, your main facebook page is retained even when visitors flip through the product pages.

3. Twitter hash-tag reviews

Hash tagging your Twitter reviews increases the credibility of your business. In this way, your business is popularized on many social networks thus giving more recognition to your services and products.

4. YouTube and other marketing strategies

Apart from being the repertoire of videos, YouTube can be used to promote social media and eCommerce campaigns. You may represent your services and products visually through customized, interactive videos. On posting these videos on your company’s social media account, your business receives a boost in social media presence, ecommerce engagement and product sales.


The influence of the social media strategies on your business


Your customer base is increased due to your online presence. It helps you to reach out to people whom you wouldn’t have been able to approach through local advertisements.

Special discount and promotional offers on your products and services are easily canvassed to the public. Newly added, high quality online content attracts new visitors to your business.

People also get to know the personal aspects of your business like the relations you share with long standing customers. Blog posts about personal experiences establish a connection with your customers which in turn increases brand loyalty and customer base.

The exposure gained through your followers enhances visibility.  It also provides a firmer stand for your business.

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