Google AdWords is Google’s advertising product, which displays your ads to people looking for your products or services on Google or its partner sites. AdWords can also be used for SEO [search engine optimization]. Some of the ways you can use AdWords for SEO are listed below.

AdWords for researching keywords

As keywords are most important for search engine optimization, you need to research thoroughly for keywords that users are likely to use. For increased search rankings, you need to set aside your opinions as an expert and identify the keywords crafted by the target audience.

Tracing keywords using the AdWords tool is rather simple; you need to simply enter your site’s URL [Uniform Resource Locator] or part of the keyword. The tool generates a suggested list of keywords automatically.

Though you might want increased rankings for all the suggested keywords, it is recommended that you focus on a select few. Now, you must set about picking the keyword that has a good search volume and can be optimized easily. The short listed keywords have the least competition in the search engine.

Surround the selected keyword with double quotes and search it on Note the number of web results for each shortlisted keyword. The competition ratio is the ‘global search volume’ divided by the ‘number of web results’.

A high ratio implies that the keyword can be easily optimized. You need to practically test the keywords to ensure that they work well for you.

Increasing Click through Rate [CTR]

You can also get a higher CTR [Click through Rate] by using AdWords. Though your website has a high ranking and increased traffic, you may not be able to translate these into money if you have a low website CTR. Low CTR could be due to inadequate title and insufficient descriptions.

By running an AdWords campaign you can vary the description and title of your advertisement till you reach the maximum CTR for the keywords. Once you hit upon the perfect combination of description and title, save them as the description and title for your page to maximize the CTR for organic searches.

Using AdWords for SEO also involves geo-targeting. If traffic inflow to your website is from different geographic locations, you can make comparisons of traffic using Google Analytics. The keywords can be modified based on the response in different geographic zones.



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