As the economy continues to take its shape for 2009 it is vital to focus on your margins and remain profitable.  At the same time 2009 will still provide an opportunity to grow your ecommerce business by strategically building a global ecommerce strategy.

The Global Ecommerce market 2009:

  1. Global Ecommerce sales (excluding travel) will grow by 4% in 2009 – eMarketer. The growth is smaller compared to that between 2007 and 2008, but still growth none the less.
  2. Europe spent $94.4 billion shopping online in 2006, a figure expected to rise by as much as 113.2% to 201.3 billion in 2009 – Internet Retailer’s Top 500 Guide.
  3. 19% of China’s citizens have Internet access, but contains more than 253 million Internet users. An emerging market nearly the size of the total population of the USA.

Based on the issues outlined above there is still hope for 2009 and beyond.  Those who build and grow successful Ecommerce businesses in 2009 will reap the benefits in 2010 and forward.

So what should you focus on?

  1. Highlight your willingness to handle overseas orders. Ex. a crawl banner welcoming visitors in multiple languages.
  2. Provide local languages on your site. Add a toggle switch so customers can select their language of choice.
  3. List prices in local currencies.
  4. Provide clear information about anticipated shipping costs, taxes, return policies and the countries or markets that you serve.
  5. Make sure to communicate estimated shipping times to your customers.

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