The frequently asked questions (FAQ) section is one of the most visited sections of each website. The users expect clearly written, well-organized, complete and actionable answers to their questions. Still only half of ecommerce retailers offer FAQs on their websites. Among those sites offering FAQ, almost one in five FAQ systems does not satisfy the client.

A FAQ section is especially helpful throughout critical stages of the buying cycle. Issues including the online ordering process focusing on payments and security can be solved through the FAQ section.

Tips about FAQs:

Effective FAQs
The FAQ section of your ecommerce site needs to be updated frequently. Keep it user-focused, and make sure that your FAQ page offers other easy, immediate ways (e-mail, phone, live chat) for the potential costumers to get answers.

Specific FAQs
Most FAQ sections are too long. Limit the general FAQ section to the handful of questions users are most likely to ask and create specialized FAQs for specific products, services, or types of users.

Dead-End FAQs
Some FAQs provide dead-end answers. The question is answered but the answer doesn’t include or link to relevant information that enables the user to take action. An excellent answer would link to an opt-out form or provide the e-mail address and phone number of a person to contact to opt out.

More FAQ facts to take into consideration:

Websites neglect FAQs and waste their potential
Ecommerce retailers are neglecting the answering of FAQs on their websites or the FAQs are lacking in quality. Yet FAQs can solve customers’ issues quickly and easily. Looked after carefully they provide customers with the information they seek faster than an e-mail.

FAQs rarely provide the right answers
FAQs frequently fail to do what they are supposed to, instead leaving behind more questions than answers. Almost one in five catalogues of questions leaves potential customers with their service queries entirely unanswered. And 70% of companies only occasionally provide the right responses.

FAQ saves time & money
An intelligent question-and-answer system which does not involve elaborate navigation can help customers to help themselves and it increases satisfaction levels because they can obtain a solution to their problems at any time of day or night. It also relieves other communication channels which involve much more staffing and cost. Furthermore, most customer queries relate to issues that can be dealt with more quickly by FAQs than by e-mail: delivery times, methods of payment and shipping costs. Powerful self-service solutions therefore offer enormous potential savings.

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