As eCommerce technology is not what was, you need to be on the look out for any new trends that your eCommerce business website might benefit from. Here are some of the latest trends that are sweeping the eCommerce world.

Unusual products

When eCommerce first made its appearance, the fact that the shopping was made online was a novelty in itself. Now, retailers online have become common place. When every product is being sold by several other online shops, the only way to stand apart is by selling unique products. Small businesses should choose the right markets and ensure the products are creative and of high quality. Customized products that are sourced locally have a greater appeal and sell better.

Small businesses that sell their products online should make sure that the design, styling or texture of the product is not easily found elsewhere. By competing on the basis of uniqueness rather than price, the products help in brand establishment which in turn drives demand.

Availing the services of third parties

The trend of integrating third party hosting services into their websites is catching on in most start-up businesses. Designing and running a customized website from a single source has prompted many small businesses to enter into eCommerce.

Exclusive eCommerce software provide services like marketing support, centralized dashboard for inventory management and secure hosting. Templates are also provided so that you can customize the website yourself instead of availing the services of a professional.

 Usage of mobiles

As customers prefer to use their tablets and smart phones for online shopping, the eCommerce businesses are moving towards designing websites that have an appealing format on mobile screens. Plug-ins are available to smoothen out this transition. Apart from optimizing the website for mobile viewing, it could also help to examine the mobile marketing trends. Most eCommerce businesses resort to text messages to flash alerts and special discounts.

Use of Social media

Social media marketing is a marketing rage that is certain to stay. Businesses have begun to launch profiles on social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook. By doing so, they are able to reach out to a large segment of the public and communicate better. Pinterest is a rising social network that provides a flexible platform for eCommerce businesses to display their products in an attractive manner.


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