Consumers are bombarded every day with countless advertisements whether on print media, on the Internet, or even on the bus.  With so many advertisements being shown, how do companies and other organizations effectively communicate their messages in memorable manners and stand out from the rest?

What Are Infographics?

One way to do this is by creating clever picture infographics.  Infographics are visual diagrams showing the benefits of an item with easy-to-understand pictures, attractive graphics, quick comparisons with similar competitor products, and memorable quotes.  Leading companies, non-profit organizations, and millions of other organizations use infographics on a regular basis to communicate with their target audiences in an effective manner.

Marketers have to know how to best communicate with their potential customers so the customers are convinced to purchase the product being advertised in as little time as possible.  Too little information is not enough to convince most consumers and too much information can confuse readers and have them turn away.

Why Are Infographics So Effective?

Infographics work so well because they allow a user to quickly process a lot of very quickly.  The visual aspect of an infographic combined with cleverly written text gets memorized easier by the reader because it uses both the left and right sides of the brain.

Apple Inc. is a great example of a company that uses very little resources in terms of marketing, but very effectively sells their products.  Most of their product descriptions on their website are essentially infographics.  They contain one or two sentences for each major feature of a product that is easy to understand.  They offer a comparison of said feature to competitors or Apple’s own products to help customers make decisions of whether or not to make a purchase.  No flashy banners, long texts, or sophisticated marketing material is required for the world’s most valuable consumer products company to sell their products to millions of customers worldwide.

So, how does an organization make an effective infographic?  While an infographic is an easy way to sell a product or message it is actually quite challenging to make because it requires both visual creativity and succinct, clever text to be most effective.  Usually, people are particularly strong in one aspect or the other, not usually both, so it may be wise to hire a team to work on an infographic for you.  Next, think of a handful of features or message takeaways you want your readers to understand and remember.  Cleverly worded text is usually beneficial.  For example, Apple’s famous tagline on the iPod, “1,000 Songs in Your Pocket,” is credited by marketers in helping the iPod become one of the best-selling gadgets in history.  Third, visualize the message with numbers and graphics in an easy to understand manner so anyone can quickly digest the information and remember it.  Finally, review the infographic with someone who is not familiar with the context.  Do they understand the infographic?  Does the message come across?

Infographics may seem to be easy to create, but to devise a truly great infographic requires dedication and great minds working together.  However, the work is well worth it because it will help you get your message across.

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