Millions of eCommerce businesses turn to Google AdWords every day to generate sales and leads. Enterprises and agencies with large AdWords campaigns may have tens of thousands of keywords pointing to an equal number of landing pages.So how do they manage these massive campaigns?

Google AdWords is a sophisticated system, but it isn’t the most efficient for managing very large campaigns.  We highly recommend using software to help you save time and increase your effectiveness managing large campaigns. There are some great services out there that cost over $15,000 a month just to get started, and there are some that are free.

Here are the top 5 free tools that can help you manage large campaigns.

1. adCore

adCore is a leading AdWords management software that is free for 5 campaigns. eCommerce businesses and agencies can build large highly targeted campaigns using adCore, run A/B tests on ads, and use adCore’s bidding algorithm to advertise all of their products profitably. adCore saves time by automatically synchronizing changes to your website with Google AdWords. No more bidding on out of stock products. adCore is used by hundreds of AdWords agencies and eCommerce businesses. It also allows agencies to manage multiple client accounts in one place. All of these features, plus the fact that it is free to start makes adCore our #1 choice.

2. Google AdWords Editor
This is a must have for anyone managing large campaigns. It is great for making sweeping changes to an entire account. If you are running similar campaigns in different countries or devices, the AdWords editor will definitely save you time.

3. JUMBO Keyword
JUMBO Keyword is great for on the fly keyword discovery and creation. It is an AdWords tool offering keywords and text editing functions to help create, manage and edit thousands of AdWords keywords quickly and easily. There’s even an ad editor to help you create ads for your Google AdWords campaigns.

4. Google Keyword Tool
The classic and best tool to generate lists of new keywords to target. Just enter in one or more keywords and the keyword tool will return back a list of related keywords. The latest version also presents the keywords organized by logical ad-groups. With another click you can export all of the data directly into your AdWords account. This also works great to do research in your niche to find out potential expenses.

5. Google Ad Preview and Diagnosis
This is a must have for any international advertiser. With this tool you can search as if you are in another country, or search as if you were on a different device. Need to see what your ad will look like in the Netherlands while on an Android mobile phone? The Ad Preview tool will help.

We hope that you find the list to be useful, feel free to leave a comment if we left something out.

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