Wondering how to increase your ads’ click-through rates?  Add a period to the end of description line 1 in your AdWords ads.

For some this is completely obvious, for others maybe it sounds too good to be true.

If you don’t put a period at the end of description line 1, and you rank 1,2, or 3, then your add will look lopsided, like this:

Adwords Short Headline

By placing a single period, your top 3 ad will look like this:

Best Adwords ad

This is a proven way to increase your click-through rates and improve your campaigns in general. We have tested this over and over again and it consistently improves the ad. It draws more attention to the eyes of the reader.

The only time that the CTR is not affected is when ranking lower than 3rd place, in which case your ad will look like this regardless of whether you add a period to description line 1 or not:

Low Ranking Adwords ad

Hope this tip helps you improve your AdWords campaigns’ performance. Please share it with your friends, just not with your competition!

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